Sunday, May 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Harper Grace!

Our little Harper Grace is 1 year old today. I can't believe how fast this year has gone. As we celebrate our youngest's first birthday, here are a few observations of this little cutie:

1) Harper is incredibly curious. Anything she picks up goes straight to the mouth. She is also incredibly brave. She has no problem diving off the couch or our bed or any place high up. While those two traits will serve her well in life, I don't always like how they work in conjunction with one another.

2) Harper has a pretty chill disposition. She hasn't been a big crier throughout her first year. There were the tears when she got hurt and the tears when she was hungry but that pretty much covers it.

3) Harper is very resilient. She took 2 nasty falls this year, one off our bed and, even worse, one off the kitchen counter onto the wood floor. In both situations, she cried for about 5 minutes and then was fine. No injuries, thank God.

4) She has learned to fight back with Fiona. A few times when they have been struggling over a toy, Harper has reached up and pulled Fiona's hair. As I've explained to friends, I don't have a huge problem with this. Fiona tends to get rough with her and if Harper can give it back, I'm kind of proud of her for putting up a fight.

5) She is my pro-veggie, anti-chocolate girl. She loves peas, green beans, and carrots. She is not a fan of chocolate donuts. She does however appreciate ice cream.

6) Whenever we go out in public, strangers always comment on 2 things. First, her huge eyes. "She has such big, beautiful eyes". Second, her facial expressions. She just looks at most strangers like they are crazy. After a few seconds of staring at them, she'll smile for about 5 seconds, and then go back to glaring at them. It's pretty comical.

Happy Birthday, Harper! We love you so much.