Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quite an exciting day...

First, Fiona did her first day in the church nursery today! She did great. Apparently they put her in a swing as soon as we dropped her off and she slept the entire time. Not bad at all.

Second, the Bears are going to the NFC championship game! Our little Bears fan is quite excited.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fiona's very First Christmas

This is the Christmas we had at home before our trips to Nebraska and Minnesota. She looks about as enthusiastic as a 4 month old can be about presents.

Pics from Christmas in Nebraska

 We brought along her bumbo seat but you will notice that her cousins dug it more than she did. I love the picture of Ella in it (to be more precise I should say pictures of Ella but you will see the one that I love).

On a side note, Fiona tends to have her eyes shut in a lot of pictures, much like her Grandma Ruth. It might be something about having the name Ruth as a first or middle name....

Solid foods

We made our first attempt at rice cereal (mixed with formula) by spoon. It didn't go over very well. She didn't quite get the concept of swallowing thus much of it remained on her face. She looks like she has a little faux-hawk going on in some of these pictures. She is so cutting edge.

Taking a Nap...

Fiona fell asleep on this stuffed bulldog that Matt got me years ago. I love these pictures. I like that she is holding the dog's ear.

All dressed up...

We went out to dinner with Graham and Lizzie on Sunday night. I used this opportunity for Fiona to wear her jean skirt and adorable pink tights as they both barely fit anymore. Doesn't she look stylish?